5 Essential Scholarship Tips Parents Need To Know

If you’re the parent of college-bound high school students, you’re probably looking for any possible sources of free money to help pay for college.

This is why you need to attend our free webinar on

“5 Essential Scholarship Tips Parents Need to Know”

on Wednesday, February 10th, 7:00 pm Central Time.

Unless, of course, you have an extra $250,000 somewhere to pay for four-years of college. Otherwise, you really don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Michelle Kretzschmar of DIYCollegeRankings and I will be covering what you need to know about scholarships.

  • Should you pay for a scholarship service?Girl with Scholarship Sign

  • Learn how scholarships affect financial aid.

  • What do you need to know about privacy.

  • Review of scholarship search sites and which ones to use.

  • Where does your student have the best chance of winning a scholarship?

  • We’ll also introduce you to our ROADMAP TO CUTTING COLLEGE COSTS course and how you can target colleges more generous with need and merit aid.




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