The Ultimate College Application Checklist

The fall of your child’s senior year of high school is the time to start the college application process. It will give your student the opportunity to write essays and to meet submission deadlines without the added stress of trying to do it all at the last minute.  Review this ... Read More

How Does Financial Aid Work? Understanding the System

By Kalman A. Chany, author of The Princeton Review’s Paying for College. ​Applying for financial aid has never been more difficult and competitive given the high cost of college and the increasing number of students seeking such assistance. Indeed, articles in national publications have reported that a majority of private colleges ... Read More

True Stories of Private Scholarship Winners and How They Did It

Paying for college is one of the biggest financial concerns of families today. Finding private scholarships and merit scholarships from colleges--awards you don’t have to pay back--can help. According to a recent College Ave Student Loans survey of undergraduates, families rely on scholarships and grants more than any other way ... Read More


Beating the Sophomore Slump: A Guide to Getting Through the Second Year of College

How can you ensure your child has a successful and fulfilling second year of college? One aspect you and your child might note is the possibility of the “sophomore slump.” Understanding this phenomenon, recognizing that it’s common, and creating a plan to avoid or remedy it can be beneficial for ... Read More