College Admissions: 20 Articles That Sum Up 2014

College Admissions: 20 Articles That Sum Up 2014

made when applying for financial aid. Mistakes parents make with financial aid 

11) Unfortunately, financial aid is used by schools in other ways than just helping needy students afford collegeWhat colleges don’t want you to know about financial aid

12) A parent’s view on why she won’t foot her child’s entire bill for college. If that’s your opinion, start talking with your child about this now! Footing the bill for college


Parenting Advice

13) We all know the importance of sleep and that teenagers don’t get enough of it. Here’s an explanation of the different types of sleep and how your student can use them to his/her advantage when studying. Want to ace that test? Get the right type of sleep 

Advice ahead sign14) Even though they start college and want to become independent, college students still need the guidance and support from their mothers. Here’s why mom is the most valuable asset to surviving college 

15) What is college really going to cost your family? To help parents and students answer this question, College Abacus cntinued to push the limit to bring transparency to college costs. Increasing transparency in college tuition costs

16) In the hyper-competitive circles of some communities, parenting an average high school student may feel like a stamp of failure on your parenting skills and on your student’s ability to succeed in college. But it’s not. Parenting an average student 

17) If you’re a parent who has never gone through the college admissions process with your child, you may be questioning what all the hype and anxiety is about. From experienced parents, here are unexpected reasons why college admissions is harder then you’ll expect. 11 reasons college admissions is HARDER than you expected


College Life

College party sceneUnfortunately, safety, sexual assault and drinking remain hot topics on college campuses and in the news. Every parent and soon to be college freshman need to be aware of the issues.

18) The problem of sexual assault, drinking, and the lack of a school response is not new. An OB/GYN writes to George Will about college rape  

19) California enacts a new law to help improve how universities handle rape and sexual assault accusations and to clarify standards. Yes means yes for consent, from an awake, non-intoxicated person. California enacts yes means yes defining sexual consent 

20) Why colleges have been ineffective at stopping drinking on college campuses – because the issues are more complicated than you realize. Why colleges haven’t stopped binge drinking


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