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College Insights helps students and parents search, find, and compare over 2,000 colleges.

Filter the information that’s most important to your student as you work together to find merit scholarships and build your perfect college list.

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With College Insights you can search by:

  • academic stats (GPA, test scores)
  • admissions stats (early and regular decision, yield)
  • cost of attendance
  • crowdsourced college offers from families
  • deadlines (early and regular decision, financial aid)
  • location
  • major
  • merit-based aid from colleges
  • need-based aid
  • race/ethnicity
  • school size
  • 4 year graduation rates
  • and much more…

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What Our Members Have to Say

Feeling thankful for being a member in CIA Live. My son heard back from most of his EA schools and was accepted with their highest levels of merit scholarship. The process worked!

Ben W.

“Your site has been priceless and I appreciate being a part of the membership!”

Taryn B.

“Being a member of the Paying For College 101 Facebook group made me realize that I wasn’t alone going through this crazy process. What a huge sense of emotional and practical support.” 

Jane Z.

“With the great suggestions from this group and the College Insights tool, my son and I created a college list with more options for him to receive merit scholarships.” 

Brian M.

“Thank you so much for your webinars. I’ve learned so much from the site and College Insights tool. I wish I had found all this information sooner.” 

– Alison W. 

84% of colleges ranked grades in college prep classes as a top factor for admission.