A New Service Finds Colleges Offering The Most Financial Aid

In our continued pursuit to help families make better financial choices when selecting colleges, we’ve created a new service called College Money Search. College Money Search helps families target colleges more likely to offer need or merit based financial aid. Our service is unique because it’s based on data and focused on helping families make affordable college decisions.


We are currently beta testing our Custom College Money List for select users. Below is a sample of the report. 


A Custom College Money List provides a list of colleges most likely to offer financial aid, based on personal preferences. You provide individual preferences for geography, size, test scores, GPA, class rank, and major. We use that information, along with data from IPEDS and the Common Data Set to determine your list of most likely financial aid schools. 


In addition, you can include specific schools you may be interested in getting more information about. We also provide information on state schools for your state of residence. The custom college list offers between 50- 60 schools fitting your specifications. 


For each school, you will receive information on graduation rates, SAT/ACT top 75% scores, institutional grants, freshman without need receiving aid, total price, and more. This list is just the start of finding an affordable school. Our hope is that you use this list to start researching the schools in more depth and include some in the mix of schools your student applies to.



You can participate in our beta test for $149. Sign up at for a Custom College List. 


Sample Custom College Money List





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