Articles Our Readers Loved in 2017: Road2College

Paying For College Articles Our Readers Loved: 2017

Articles Our Readers Loved in 2017: Road2College

Paying For College Articles Our Readers Loved: 2017

Articles Our Readers Loved: 2017With every passing year, the topics of getting into college and how to pay for it are becoming more prominent (and pertinent). So, it’s no wonder that this year’s articles that were most popular with our readers touched upon those very issues (and more). Financial Aid, Scholarships, College Essays, and Money-Saving Strategies are all included here, in The Best of 2017.


Insightful Questions to Ask an Admissions Officer

The information one can learn on a college tour can be elevated to great heights when you come prepared with a list of questions for the admissions officer, tour guide, and any students you may encounter around campus.


5 Things to Say When Your Child Doesn’t Make the Cut

When tryouts, a major event in the life of a teen, don’t end on a positive note, parents can help them deal with the disappointment and make them feel whole again.


10 Tips for Dealing With Common App Glitches

Here is a summary of the best tips we’ve found to get you through the sometimes stressful process of dealing with the Common Application.


If I Knew Then What I Know Now About Access to My Child’s College Records

Understanding FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ) and how much access you have to your child’s records could save his or her life.


43 Phrases You Should Never Use In College Admission Essay

If your essay stands out, your chances of getting into your top choice school goes up dramatically, so take careful note of these 43 phrases that may be considered “trite.” Using them might negatively affect your acceptance chances.


Comparison of Early Decision/early Action Rates vs. Regular Decision

Up-close look at the data and what the acceptance rates of being accepted are if you apply early vs. regular admissions.


6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting College

A college freshman offers valuable pieces of advice that she would have loved to have heard before last September.


Which Hurts Your Chances More: Low Grades or Low Test Scores?

Low college admission test scores give students a better shot both at more colleges and at higher-quality colleges than having mediocre or low high school grades, but, that’s not the entire story.


8 Financial Aid Mistakes to Avoid

Educating ourselves about financial aid before our child applies so that we know what mistakes to avoid is the key to saving money and keeping you up at night crunching numbers in your head.


Ways to Get Cheap College Textbooks

The increased demand on textbooks has motivated many book suppliers to offer used textbook and rental services, leaving college students with an array of options.


College Admission Essay Samples That Worked and Why

We think it’s worthwhile to read essay examples ONLY if there is a critique of what worked or didn’t work in the essay.


5 Tips on Scholarships For High School Seniors

Applying to private scholarships and winning enough to pay for college can be deemed a fairy tale, but that’s no reason to ignore them totally.


10 Tips to Get the Most Financial Aid From Colleges

By making a resolution to become more informed about financial aid, you will be maximizing your financial eligibility.


Best Resources For Getting Help With FAFSA 2018-19

It’s good to get a head start: Review this complete guide for all the tips and tricks you need to turn in the perfect FAFSA.


What I Wish I’d Known About Paying For College

Parents who’ve already been through the college admissions process explain what they wish they’d known when they frist started down the path.


If You Haven’t Already Joined, Become A Free Member Of Our Paying For College 101 Facebook Group

This year we experienced tremendous growth in our facebook group. Facebook only started providing group stats in July, but we know the group size was about 4ooo in the beginning of April and we are ending the year just under 19,000 members (18,841). In addition we’ve had over 6000 posts from July to the end of December. This is the power of community!

We love hearing from members, sharing in their joy, frustration, and sadness; and we love seeing EVERYONE pitch in to offer advice and resources. It’s a great community of parents and professionals. Join to learn if you’re a parent of a high school student, join to offer help if you’re a professional, and join to pay it back if you’re a parent that has already gone through this process.













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