The Takeaway Wk of 2/08

The Takeaway Wk of 2/08

Here’s a summary of important articles from the week of 2/08/15 that may give you more insight into the world of college life, admissions, financing, and parenting.


Freshmen Are Leaning Away From Religion

The R2C Takeaway: According to a survey done by a Higher Education Institute based at UCLA, today’s incoming freshmen are less likely to align themselves with a church, mosque, synagogue or any other religious institution than any prior group of incoming freshmen. The finding may have much to do with this particular group being totally overwhelmed by other activities–primarily school.


A Campus Guide’s Guide

The R2Takeaway: One of the most sough-after, prestigious, and sometimes lucrative jobs on campus is the campus guide, but despite some thinking the job is a breeze, those who lead prospective students and their parents on tours must go through rigorous training.


College Freshmen Socialize Less, Feel Depressed More

The R2C Takeaway: According to a survey, high school seniors seem to be taking school much more seriously than their predecessors, and when they ultimately enter college, they are interacting more via online social networks rather than physically going to parties. This lack of face-to-face interaction may be the reason this group’s emotional health is at an all-time low.


Is Your First Grader College Ready?

The R2C Takeaway: Educators and parents are stressing the importance of a college education earlier and earlier these days, and some universities are conducting college tours  for students as young as sixth grade. Many feel planting theses seeds is the only way to keep up with the competition, while others believe this kind of behavior puts pressure on youngsters and robs them of their childhood.


Shrinking the Education Gap Would Boost the Economy, Study Says

The R2C Takeaway: Studies have found that governmental investments that would shrink the education gap between lower income and wealthier students would result in more students performing better in higher education, thus increasing their earning potential and ultimately improving the economic well-being of the country.


As Policy Makers Push FAFSA Simplification, Colleges and States Worry About Lost Data

The R2C Takeaway: In an example of easier is not always better, colleges and states are concerned that the proposal of law makers to “simplify” the FAFSA form by cutting as much as 30 questions will make it harder to determine which students are actually in need of student aid.


How to Raise a University’s Profile: Pricing and Packaging

The R2C Takeaway: Using the philosophy that a prestigious brand sells more product, universities, in their effort to lure students their way, are more and more focusing, not so much on their academics as their bells and whistles. It’s all about how exclusive they can make their schools out to be.






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