Road2College serves families with middle-school, high-school and college age students by helping them navigate the world of college admissions and financing.

We continue to grow by partnering with select resources and companies who are also dedicated to providing trustworthy information to help parents and students. Road2College is currently accepting limited new advertisers and affiliate/ JV partners. 


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Audience of Road2College reach parents of high-school interested in financial resources

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Debbie Schwartz Founder Road2College As a marketing executive in financial services, I spent many years working to educate consumers at different stages of their financial life and communicate complex financial products in more consumer-friendly language. 

After consulting to a large student lender, I experienced what an overwhelming, complicated process college planning and paying for college had become.

Working with other parents, Road2College was born, but with a mission of not just being like other college admissions or student loan sites. We offer content, tools, and services to help families from the beginning of the college search process all the way through to refinancing student loans.