New SAT For 2016

Looks like 2016 will be the year for a new SAT. If you have a child in ninth grade, he or she will be among the first to take the new test.

SAT-Logo-720x495David Coleman, the new President of The College Board and a proponent of Common Core Standards, has been an outspoken critic of some sections of the SAT including the essay, vocabulary and sentence completions. Here are some hints as to what may be coming:

A new essay section.

Since it’s inception, many experts have questioned the validity of the SAT essay. Because the current grading system is not based on the accuracy of the information, students are sometimes coached to create evidence that supports their writings. Coleman hinted at a new essay format, in which students would analyze a source and use evidence from that source to use in the essay.  

Test content aligned with high school curriculum. 

Coleman would like to see the SAT more closely aligned with content taught in high schools and that a better SAT shouldn’t be something one will be able to learn at a test-prep service.

Read more on David Coleman’s comments at this year’s annual NACAC meeting. 


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