Online Dating For Students and Colleges

Should finding the “best fit” college for your student be like using an online dating service? Why not, students want the best list of potential colleges based on how their resume, personality, and finances match against the academic profile, attributes, and wants of a school.

NEW admittedly logoHow students go about this matching process depends upon their resources and family/community support. At one end of the spectrum, families hire private counselors to work one on one with their child, while at the opposite end students get support from community based programs. But what about everyone in the middle – that’s where Admittedly steps in.

Each year, the number of students applying to college and the competition to get in continues to rise, yet the number of high school guidance counselors declines. Students are just not getting the guidance they need to understand the admissions process and figure out how to navigate it. Admittedly aims to fill this gap.

Started in May 2013 by Jessica Brondo, a former private college counselor herself, Admittedly provides tools for students in 8th through 12th grade that are timely and relevant, and early enough to make an impact on improving their chances of admission. And getting students to start early and think ahead is key.


Getting started with Admittedly begins with answering an online questionnaire of personality questions and finding out about extracurricular activities and academic performance. In return, the site offers a list of colleges and universities to consider, along with whether the school is a reach, target, or likely school. You’ll also get advice on how to improve your odds. 

Admittedly plans to add modules to help with test prep, essays, financial aid, and college visits. It’s goal is to be the #1 resource to help students improve their chances at every step of the college planning process. Admittedly is working on a freemium model, eventually charging for more advanced services, but for now all services on the site are free.  


Admittedly is young, but moving in the right direction. Currently, the site is most useful to 11th graders, trying to create their list of potential colleges. We really like the questionnaire, with it’s ability to let users emphasize how important different factors are in a student’s search. 

What we like the most about Admittedly is how they compare to other college search sites like Zinch, Cappex, and even Naviance. These sites (you may or may not know) make money by selling student data to colleges, so schools can decide which students to follow-up with and market to. In that type of business model, colleges are the customer and source of revenue. But for Admittedly, students are the true customers and finding them the “best fit” college is the ultimate goal.


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