College List Review/Tune-up


Your List Drives College Success!

The list of schools your student chooses to apply to directly impacts:

  • their chances of being admitted
  • their application and essay workload
  • your family’s cost to attend college

To help you refine your student’s list, this service will provide written feedback on the following:

  • your student’s potential for merit money
  • your student’s eligibility for Honors programs
  • the strength of the school for your student’s desired major
  • the optimal timing strategy to achieve your student’s best outcome: Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling or Regular Admissions
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How to Receive Your College List Review/Tune-up

  1. Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with directions and a college list questionnaire.
  2. You and your student will fill out the college list questionnaire to help us know your priorities in finding a college. The questionnaire will ask you for a list of colleges (up to 20) that your student is considering applying to.
  3. We’ll review the submitted college list and use the information you provide on our questionnaire to determine if the colleges are a good match, if the list is balanced, and if you and your student might add or eliminate any schools, and why.
  4. Within 5 – 7 business days of receipt of your questionnaire, we’ll send written recommendations, and time permitting provide suggestions on schools you may have overlooked.


Service Policies:

We’ll do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied, but once a service is started, there are no refunds.
Families must initiate the College List service within 5 business days of purchase, by filling out our questionnaire.