Everything You Need To Know For Filling Out The Common App


Have you been feeling unsure about how to help your son or daughter fill out the Common Application correctly?


Do you want to make sure that your son or daughter answers each section accurately and appropriately, and submits the right information to portray his or her strengths?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this recorded workshop is for YOU!



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Receive a recording of a workshop led by Marisa Meddin, a college admissions expert and Founder of Talk College To Me called: “Conquering the Confusing Common Application: How To Avoid Filling out The Common Application Incorrectly.”


During this workshop, Marisa logs into her own Common Application account while sharing her computer screen with you…


She’ll then walks you, step by step, through each and every section of the Common App…showing you exactly what information to include and exclude in each section to ensure your Senior submits the strongest possible applications.


You’ll learn more by listening to other participants ask specific questions too.


For instance…

  • Should your student fill out the race and ethnicity sections of the application?
  • Can your student send different essays to different schools?
  • Can your student change their career interests once the application has been submitted?
  • Should your child apply as “undecided” or choose a major (even if they’re unsure about it)?