Road Map To Cutting College Costs & Custom Money Report



Roadmap To Cutting College Costs is designed to help busy parents jumpstart their learnings of what they need to do to target colleges that are more likely to offer aid. Every week we provide written lessons, videos, a webinar, handouts, and access to discussion boards. This course teaches parents how to become smarter, educated consumers of higher education by understanding:


  • EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)
  • Financial aid terminology
  • Government sources for funding college
  • Institutional aid from colleges 
  • and How to identify Useful data for researching more generous colleges


Participants will also receive our valuable lists such as a comprehensive list of full tuition scholarships, schools that meet 100% of financial need, schools that don’t award merit scholarships and more.


What Makes This Course Different?


What makes this course unique is it’s exclusive access to data to help families “follow the money” to research and find schools generous with financial and merit aid.


As part of the course, you will also receive your own Custom College Money Report. This report is a personalized list of colleges most likely to offer your student the most money in financial aid and/or merit scholarships. Using your student’s academic profile, school location/size preferences, and money request (either needs based or merit based aid), we will create a list of 50 – 60 schools that are most likely to offer your student the most FREE money in either needs based financial aid and/or merit scholarships.


The course will explain where the data comes from, what it means, and how to use it. There is no other resource publicly available that allows parents to compare, sort and filter colleges using any of the 50 data fields provided.





Road Map To Cutting College Costs is a 3 week online course to teach parents and professionals about the details of the financial aid process including sources of money, methodology for calculating Expected Financial Contribution (EFC), important financial aid terminology, and how to use data to identify colleges more likely to offer financial aid and merit scholarships.


A live class webinar will be offered each week to review and discuss materials provided for review. Participants will have access to class materials including videos, articles, presentations, and membership in our private Facebook group for Road Map To Cutting College Costs participants. Access to these materials is unlimited for 6 months of the class start date.


The best feature of the class, is your own personalized Custom College Money Report. The class explains how we put this list together, the data we use, and how to interpret the data to research colleges you can afford and where your student will receive a good education.


Next Class Starts March 1.