Rapper Teaches How To Give Sallie Mae the Boot

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Rapper Teaches How To Give Sallie Mae the Boot

No More Sallie MaeMost recent college grads who receive a lump sum of cash would probably choose to buy a new car, some clothes, take a vacation, perhaps pay for a wedding or maybe even a down payment on a new home. David Augustine Jr., a New Orleans based rapper who goes by the name Dee-1, used his advance from his first record deal with RCA Inspiration to dump his student loan debt. He gave Sallie May the boot!


Paying Off His Student Loans

A 2009 graduate of Louisiana State University, after graduation David or Dee-1 taught middle school math in Baton Rouge. After a few years, he decided to move on from teaching and pursue his musical dreams. In 2014, his efforts paid off as he was signed to a major label, RCA Inspiration. When faced with the decision of what to do with his advance from the label, he made the mature decision to pay back All of his student loans. As a musician, David of course celebrated the milestone by recording a song about it, Sallie Mae Back. make it your own motto!


The student loan debt crisis in the country has hit $1.4 trillion. High school teaches you how to get into college, but no one is teaching students how to “do” college. I believe that it is possible to graduate in four-years, it is possible to avoid or minimize student loan debt, it is possible to complete multiple internships and have employers chasing after you when you graduate.

I’m on a mission to help you understand the simple steps to graduate on time, save money and launch your career. Check out this video and I promise you the song will be stuck in your head. Don’t let it just be about a song,

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