Register For Roadmap To Cutting College Costs

Register For Roadmap To Cutting College Costs

RM2CCC-Woman-and-computer1-225x200Do you have an extra $250,000 to pay for one child’s college education? Very few families do.

Starting February 24th, Michelle Kretzscmar (of DIYCollegeRankings) and I will be offering a 4 week online course for busy parents with high school students. The course will focus on how families can cut the cost of college – and it can be done!

We all know college costs a lot – and most parents aren’t exactly sure how they’re going to pay for it. That’s why we’re excited to offer this course to help parents better understand how they can pay for college and share our resources to help parents find schools they can afford. 


What Will You Learn?

We designed Roadmap To Cutting College Costs to help busy parents jumpstart their learnings of what they need to do to target colleges that are more likely to offer aid. Every week we provide written lessons, videos, a webinar, handouts, and access to discussion boards. This course teaches parents how to become smarter, educated consumers of higher education by understanding:

  • EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)
  • Financial aid terminology
  • Government sources for funding college
  • Institutional aid from colleges 
  • and How to identify Useful data for researching more generous colleges

Participants will also receive our valuable lists such as a comprehensive list of full tuition scholarships, schools that meet 100% of financial need, schools that don’t award merit scholarships, and more. 



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Follow The Money To Merit Aid 

What Makes This Course Different?

What makes this course unique is it’s exclusive access to data to help families “follow the money” to research and find schools generous with financial and merit aid. The course will explain where the data comes from, what it means, and how to use it. There is no other resource publicly available that allows parents to compare, sort and filter colleges using any of the 50 data fields provided.


Here’s a sample of the data we’ll be looking at and teaching parents how to use for all colleges:




Cost of the Course

The price of this course is $199, but compare that to $15,000 or more in scholarships you’ll potentially be able to find by using information in this class to target the right colleges. 

If you refer someone to the course, who ends up enrolling, you will receive a $50 refund. Refer four people who register and you will take the class for free.

Find out even more about the class here – Roadmap to Cutting the Cost of College.


If you have questions, please email me at: [email protected].

Enroll now and I’ll see you in the class soon!

Gold Bonus Seal

Bonus Gift When You Enroll

When you enroll, you’ll also receive 5 college lists to jumpstart your research. You’ll get lists of:

  • 448 Colleges That Have Free Application Fees
  • 208 Test Optional Colleges
  • 235 Colleges Most Likely To Meet Full Need
  • 35 Colleges Considered Public Ivies
  • 444 Colleges With 50% Acceptance and Graduation Rates

A Little About Us:

Michelle and Debbie are both professionals, who have a passion for educating parents on college funding and using data to find affordable schools. We are also parents who have been through this process with our own children (and will be doing it again soon). We don’t work one on one with families, but have focused instead on sharing our knowledge and resources to jumpstart parent’s understanding of financial and merit aid. We have combined backgrounds in finance, education, and data analysis. Michelle has a background in data analytics science and education research with a graduate degree in Education Public Policy and Debbie has an MBA in finance and has worked in financial services for investment, credit card, and student loan companies.





Debbie Schwartz is former financial services executive and founder of Road2College and the Paying For College 101 Facebook group. She's dedicated to providing families with trustworthy information about college admissions and paying for college. With data, tools and access to experts she's helping families become educated consumers of higher ed.