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Michelle Kretzschmar, of DIYCollegeRankings and I conducted a webinar on essential tips parents (and students) should know for researching and applying to scholarships. Review the webinar below and send questions to  

5 Essential Scholarship Tips Parents Need to Know Webinar on Vimeo. Highlights from the webinar include:

  • Don’t pay a service to help match your students to scholarships. The best scholarship databases are available online.


  • It’s important to understand how scholarship search services use student information. We suggest parents teach their children about privacy and urge them to “opt-out” of having their information used for marketing purposes.


  • Researching and applying to scholarships takes time and effort. If you choose to have your student use his/her time in this manner, than it’s important to be organized and efficient.


  • Check out our comparison of 18 scholarship search sites, reviewed on the basis of privacy, matching capability, and ease of reviewing lists of scholarships.


  • Do the math: Assuming a student wins 1 out of every 10 scholarships he/she applies to (which is above average) and earns $1000, then they need to apply to 100 scholarships to earn $10,000.


  • The best source of scholarships where students will have the highest likelihood of winning is local scholarships. Check with college guidance offices, libraries, local organizations, and state scholarship lists (links available in our Scholarship Toolkit).


  • Getting an athletic scholarship is all about the numbers – how many players are on a team and how many schools (per division) have teams in various sports.


  • The NCAA sets the maximum number of scholarships that can be offered per sport, but does not required schools to fully fund them.


  • Students have the best chance of getting a scholarship from the schools they apply to, called institutional or merit aid.


  • Data can help you target colleges that most likely to provide institutional aid.


Roadmap To Cutting College Costs

Our next course Roadmap To Cutting College Costs will teach parents sources of financial aid, the value of net price calculators, the role of college rankings, and how to use data to target colleges for money. REGISTER HERE    

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