Step One

Build a Dorm Shopping List

You want to create a comfortable home away from home for your student without going overboard. The reality is they will move frequently during their time at college, so when it comes to dorm shopping, less is more.

What You Need to Know

What to Know About Your College First Aid Kit

Going to college can be scary for many students. For the first time in their lives, they will be on

Dorm Room Checklist of College Essentials

It’s never too early to start collecting essentials for your soon-to-be college student’s dorm room. And we agree with so

A Practical Packing List of Things to Bring to College

Well, summer is in full swing, and most high school graduates have been vegging out for weeks. (Notice I didn’t

Step Two

Review Adulting & Financial Skills

Your student may think they’re ready for college, but just to make sure, there are some important adulting skills and financial tips to go over.

What You Need to Know

What I Wish I Knew Before College

This story was first published in our Paying for College 101 (PFC 101) Group. It has been edited for clarity and

Self-Care for Teenagers

Today’s teens face increased pressure in all aspects of their lives—from trying to “keep up” with their peers academically and

Adulting Skills for College Freshmen

This article is sponsored by College Ave Student Loans. College Ave takes the stress out of paying for college so

How to Make the Most of Freshman Year of College

This article was sponsored by College Ave Student Loans. College Ave takes the stress out of paying for college so

Money Management for Teenagers

As a mom, I’m learning that “the money talk” with teenagers is about more than money—it’s about family values and

Career Services and Finding Your First Post-College Job

While your child may be looking at college as a chance to gain independence, grow personally, and make lifelong friends,

Step Three

Fill out Legal Documents

You’ve made sure that their dorm room will look and feel comfortable and their snack stash is full. Before they fly the nest, there are a few very important documents to complete.

What You Need to Know

FERPA Waiver and Other Legal Documents College Students Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

You’ve put down the enrollment deposit, completed the housing application, set up the necessary college bank account, and updated your

What I Wish I Knew About Access to My Child’s College Records

FERPA and Getting Access to Your Child’s College Records PARENT STORY When my son started college, I didn’t know that

Types of Insurance Your College Student Might Need

Insurance for everything, from any special equipment required for school to health insurance, can be a vital part of your

Step Four

Prepare for the Empty Nest

Your student isn’t the only one who will be adjusting to a new normal. As you transition from active parenting to the role of mentor, be sure to consider your own future as well.

What You Need to Know

My Daughter Is Headed off to College Without Me… Or so She Thinks

A version of this story by Alison Lowenstein was originally published on Frazzled, a parenting humor publication on Medium. PARENTING HUMOR ????

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Parenting: When Your Kids Are in College

As many parents get ready to send their kids off to college, and possibly encounter an empty nest, they tend

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