Create a High School To-Do List & Course Overview

High School Is Stressful: A Mom Expresses Concern and Our Community Responds

A Stressed Mom Speaks Out (A version of this story was first published anonymously by a mom in our Paying

College Planning Checklist for 11th Grade

Junior year of high school is an important time for students in the college admissions process. Use our college planning

Online AP Courses: Pros and Cons

You’ve weighed the pros and cons of the AP program, and you would like to have your student try out

Junior Year – 11th Grade College Planning Checklist

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High School Classes to Teach Teens Life Skills

High school is an important part of any teenager’s development. Outside of school, it’s a time when teens get their

The Importance of the School Profile

Have you ever heard of the school profile? Did you know it should be included in your child’s college admission