The NEW SAT: What it means for your student

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The NEW SAT: What it means for your student


as the SAT, so any studying you have done already is not lost. The ACT is accepted by every college and university in the country, it’s a mandatory test in eight states, and you can start preparing to take it now. Leave the uncertainty to others. There is no first-mover advantage in admissions testing. There is a first-mover disadvantage.


Sneak peek at the  NEW SAT questions

Still curious about what the NEW SAT will look like? The College Board released Test Specifications For The Redesigned SAT to give parents and students a glimpse at some of the questions and to reveal more details about the changes to this historic test. We would recommend reading it to get the “full scoop” of what’s changing and how best to prepare for these changes.


When should my child start prepping?
Regardless which test your child chooses, it’s recommended to start prepping 3-4 months prior to the test for the best possible outcome. The advantage of prepping for such an extended period of time is that it allows the student to “pace themselves” in their studies so they’re not cramming. The summer before a child’s junior year is a great time to prep without all of the school distractions.


The bottom line
Hopefully we’ve helped shed some light on what to expect in the coming months (and years) on how the NEW SAT will affect your child. Just remember, if you’d like to avoid the new SAT, current high school sophomores should consider bumping up their testing schedule. Usually, most juniors begin taking the SAT or ACT in winter or spring of their junior year. Under these circumstances, it would be best to considering taking either college test (ACT or SAT) this coming fall and aim to finish all college testing by the end of January, which will be the last test date involving the current SAT. As a final incentive to avoid the new SAT, the College Board has already announced that test results from the March and May 2016 test will be delayed until 6 – 8 weeks after the test! Need we say more…..ACT or current SAT. Leave the uncertainty to others.


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