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Here’s a summary of important articles from the past week that may give you more insight into the world of college life, admissions, financing, and parenting.

Writing an essay10 Essay Topics That Don’t Work
The R2C Takeaway: There is a lot to consider when composing a college essay that will make a positive impression on the reader. Playing on their sympathies with melodrama, family sagas, tales of heroics in the sporting arena, and intentionally sensational topics will no longer fly. Making sure the essay is well written, cohesive, and fits the tone of the school to which you’re applying is a much better route to take.


College Interview Questions to Ask and Answer
The R2C Takeaway: The college interview is quite similar to a job interview, so if a student has already experienced one, he or she is ahead of the game. Those for whom this will be a new experience need to be prepared going in–winging it won’t work. Preparing answers to questions  about goals, weaknesses, strengths, and what they can offer that particular school would be wise.

American College Horror Story: What do Students Fear?
The R2C Takeaway: When students at Notre Dame were asked about what they feared most, their answers…most of them…were probably the same as those of past generations of students.  The future–and all aspects of it–was high on the list.

An Admissions Surprise From The Ivy League
The R2C Takeaway: In the hopes of  better identifying and enrolling gifted low-income students, over 80 schools have come together to form a “coalition”  that would provide a website and tools to level the playing field and help those  who cannot afford the private advisors and counselors that more affluent students have been hiring to help them get into college.  In addition will be a new application that would compete with the Common App. Critics of this organization feel that those students with access to mentors will still be the ones to take advantage of this platform, and those who don’t have them, won’t. The jury is still out on whether the entire program will really revolutionize the higher education admissions process.

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