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10 reasons your mother is your best friend in college

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In The Name of College! What Are We Doing To Our Children?
The R2C Takeaway: Is the current ritual of high school really worth putting our children through? Every minute is sucked up for either homework (4 – 6 hours), extra curricular activities, test prep, tutoring, and more. There is no time left for just being “kids” and exploring the world around them. “It is time for parents, guidance counselors, and students to speak up! Demand that childhood is important, that play is important and that relationships with our families and friends are important.”


Why College Isn’t (and Shouldn’t Have to Be) For Everyone
The R2C Takeaway: Former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, Robert Reich, believes the prevalent notion in this country that anyone who does not have a four-year college education is worthless is wrong when 46% of recent college graduates were in jobs that didn’t even require a degree. Not everyone is suited for college; young people must have viable alternatives. Those alternatives might be “a world-class system of vocational-technical education.” 


Evaluating College As An Investment: What’s It’s ROI?
The R2C Takeaway:  College is an investment of time and money, so shouldn’t we evaluate its ROI? The 2015 PayScale College Report will help you do just that and help you decide whether the college of your child’s choice is a good return on your investment. 


10 reasons your mother is your best friend in college

10 Reasons Why Your Mother Becomes Your Best Friend In College
The R2C Takeaway: Share this with your college-bound (and college-age) student. And remind them never to forget it! This maybe hold true more for daughters, but the separation and independence that college brings means mothers can be less of a parent and more of a sister. This isn’t to say that as a parent you will never tell your child what to do again, but it does allow for more open communication that may have been absent in high school.


How to Pay Off Your Student Loans
The R2C Takeaway: College students who are about to graduate should have a plan relating to how they will be paying back their loans.  They should research the best payment options, pay now rather than later, pay more, if they can, and  consider putting themselves on a budget.


When Fatigue Boosts Creativity 
The R2C Takeaway: Most of the time we do better when we’re awake, but there are some tasks that require a little more thinking outside the box–and it seems those benefit from a mind that’s just a bit tired.


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