The Takeaway Wk of 3/8/15

The Takeaway Wk of 3/8/15

Here’s a summary of important articles from the week of 3/08/15 that may give you more insight into the world of college life, admissions, financing, and parenting.


College Admission rejectionsLessons You Can Learn From College Rejection Letters
The R2C Takeaway: As upsetting as it may be to receive a college rejection letter, trying to turn the experience into a positive rather than one that is demoralizing is a much healthier way to handle it. Consider that the schools that
accepted you are probably a better fit, and getting past the hurt feelings will prepare you for other bumps in the road that may occur later in life.



How to Survive the College Admissions Mania
The R2C Takeaway: The rush to the top of the Ivy League ladder that so many college applicants take part in should not be approached as an extreme failure if they do not get there. College is a time for reveling in exploration and if your student has the right attitude, he can achieve greatness at most any school. The route may be more circuitous at the Non-Ivies, but success is not solely based upon where you went to college.


17 College Admissions Officers Share The Craziest Things They’ve Seen On Applications

The R2C Takeaway: Considering all the types of students who apply to colleges and the variety of counseling they receive in order to do so, one can only imagine what comes across the desks of admissions officials…


A Year Off Before College Isn’t A Gap Year, It’s A Launching Pad

The R2C Takeaway:Abby Falik,  founder and CEO of Global Citizen Year, a non-profit social enterprise preparing young people for success in college by immersing them in developing countries before they head off to college, is interviewed about her beliefs of why students need time between high school and college. “Our education system is failing our kids. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, but our approach to teaching and learning is stuck in the past century. Schools continue to focus on memorization, testing and college admissions, often at the expense of teaching what’s most needed in today’s world: how to think, how to build, and how to know yourself.”


How to Spot a College About to Go Out of Business
The R2C Takeaway: In light of  last week’s news about the closure of Sweet Briar College in Virginia, parents who are undergoing a college search with their children may feel anxious about the status of some of the schools they are considering.  Despite the Dept. of Education publishing a watch list of schools that may be headed for trouble, the best way for parents to receive information is to ask questions dealing with, among other things,  tuition discount rate, enrollment targets, and the amount of debt each school has taken on in the past few years.


Support Grows to Simplify Government’s College-Aid Form
The R2C Takeaway: Filling out the FAFSA form has always been something that parents and students alike have dreaded, but without it, the number of students who will not receive the financial aid they need to attend college would be staggering. For that reason, Washington lawmakers and the Obama administration is seeking ways to simplify the form so that more students will drop the dread, hopefully get the aid they need, and ultimately attend college.













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