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Teens and the internet, what are teens doing on the internet

Here’s a summary of important articles from the past week that may give you more insight into the world of college life, admissions, financing, and parenting.


Best, Brightest — And Saddest?
The R2C Takeaway: The rise in the suicide rate of teenagers and in the rate of teens who consider taking their own lives suggests that this group of society is under an enormous amount of pressure–to succeed, to excel, to fulfill their parents’ dreams. The question is how to raise successful children who then become successful adults without creating situations and expectations that they struggle in the worst ways to meet. How can we impress upon our children that we want the best for them, without them having to “be the best?”


Kelly Ripa Takes Her Son on a College Tour
The R2C Takeaway:  In this funny video, TV host, Kelly Ripa, talks about taking her son on a college tour.  It’s always so refreshing to see that celebrities are “just like us” in some ways. And tell Kelly – make your son learn how to do his own laundry!


10 Income Strategies to Reduce Your Cost of College
The R2C Takeaway:  “the base year of income on which financial aid is calculated is the calendar year (1/1-12/31) prior to the academic year for which the student is applying for aid. That’s why it’s so important to become informed about financial aid years before your child is a junior or senior in high school.” Keeping good records of out-of-pocket costs is a good place to start, but there are many other areas that will impact how much aid will be offered.


Can Your College Acceptance Be Rescinded?
The R2C Takeaway:  If your student thinks that once he receives an acceptance letter it’s party time, he’d better think again. Factors such as a major grade slide, getting in trouble with the police, and “checking out” can prompt any school to take back their offer.


Teens and the internet, what are teens doing on the internet

This is What Your Students Are Really Doing on the Internet 

The R2C Takeaway: This from a young teacher: You may think you are computer/social media savvy and that you have a good handle on what your teens are doing when they’re online, but most teens are communicating via sites most parents (adults) have never even heard of. For example, via a site called YouNow, “teenagers are setting up cameras in their bedrooms so anyone, any stranger, can watch them sleep… or whatever.” Parents should be more vigilant and more inquisitive when it comes to their teens’ online habits.



Good Mental Health Away From Home Starts Before College
The R2C Takeaway:  The transition from high school to college can present many problems for students who are not independent and those who suffer from mental health issues. Parents (and students) can proactively address the transition by preparing for it long before college begins. Getting squared away with mental health professionals and learning how to live on one’s own are two major factors to help incoming Freshmen get on track.


Teen Summer Programs that Don’t Break the Bank
The R2C Takeaway:  Parents who cannot afford to send their children away on long, expensive summer programs need not worry that they will be at a disadvantage when applying to college. Admissions directors say it’s not where you go, it’s “what you get out of the experience” that matters. Interning or working at a local museum, food pantry or as a camp counselor can all provide meaningful exposure.


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