The Takeaway Wk of 5/11

The Takeaway Wk of 5/11

Here’s a summary of important articles from the past week that may give you more insight into the world of college life, admissions, financing, and parenting.

Comparing financial aid offersWhat Might Jeopardize My College Student’s Financial Aid?
The R2C Takeaway: Thinking that you can all sit back and relax once your child receives his financial aid package is shortsighted. There are a number of variables that can change or even obliterate that financial aid and while a drop in grades is a large part, it’s not the only thing. Failure to refile the renewal FAFSA and a significant change in family finances are just two of those variables.


6 Huge Changes For the Common App in 2015-16 
The R2C Takeaway:  The changes in the Common App have already been announced so it would be wise for students to prepare themselves in advance. Colleges will now have the option of deciding whether or not to require personal statements, and students will have the ability to edit those statements as often as they like.


Make Room For These Scholarships on Your Senior To-Do List
The R2C Takeaway:  High school seniors have “more college scholarship options than any other students,”  and by being proactive and starting a list this summer, they will be able to manage those options more easily.”


Nice Ivy League Degree. Now If You Want a Job, Go to Code School
The R2C Takeaway:  A very large number of students, in spite of having impressive college degrees hanging on their walls, are facing difficulties in finding jobs, and they are turning to “coding boot camps” to help them score. It might be a good idea for those who are still in college to keep that in mind, and prepare themselves ahead of time.


This is How Successful Leaders Spent Their Teenage Years
The R2C Takeaway:  A majority of highly successful adults spent their teenage years reading voraciously and being “creative” by themselves.


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