College Insights FAQs


Getting Started​

College Insights is a search tool to help find merit aid and schools that fit the criteria most important to your student. You’ll not only save precious time, but your student will avoid the heartache of applying to schools they aren’t likely to get into or can’t afford to attend.  

Our college data is organized into 4 key categories:

  • School Profile: Location, # of Undergraduates, Student/Faculty Ratio, Athletic Divisions, Honors/Co-op Programs 
  • Admissions – Early and Regular Admissions Stats and Deadlines
  • Aid/Merit Scholarships – Need Based Aid, Merit Scholarships
  • Financial Information – Cost of Attendance, Debt, Net Price Calculator

Yes. You can use College Insights for free after you register for an account. Once you have a free account, you can search for any college and view limited data about a college. You’ll be able to test the advanced search filters and sort the results by a limited number of variables. You’ll also be able to save colleges and create lists. To create a free account, start here

Creating an account requires an email address, password and a student’s year of high school graduation. Once you register, you will be asked to enter more information so that College Insights can suggest school recommendations to help you find schools and build an affordable college list. Click here to get started.

Free accounts allow you to search and save 1 custom list with up to 5 schools. In addition every new account gets trial access to advanced search filters. Merit scholarship data, crowdsourced offers, sorting capabilities and unlimited searches are only available with a paid subscription.

Our premium subscription unlocks all data and features in College Insights. These include merit scholarship data, personalized recommended colleges, unlimited searching, view and compare colleges from your lists. You also get full access to advanced search filters which offer refinement for narrowing down a college search.

A BIG discount for annual and flexibility for monthly subscribers! The choice is yours. 

We designed College Insights to be a long term partner during your students college journey which is why we created the annual, one time purchase option. While functionally there is no difference between monthly and annual, you do get peace of mind with a one time payment that lasts 365 days from time of purchase.

Watch our recording to see how to use all the features of College Insights. 

How-To Guide

You must have a free or paid account to save a college. The bookmark icon is used throughout the app for saving or unsaving a college from a list.

You must have a free or paid account to create a list. Go to My Lists > Select section “Create Your First List” and follow the steps to add a new list.

When comparing colleges, you can view each section of college data separately or you can view all the information at once. Select the toggle checkbox next to each category (School Profile, Admissions, Aid/Merit Scholarships, Financial Information) to hide or unhide the data for each section.

We do! You can view campus videos by selecting a college and selecting the image of the college. A new window will open and take you to the video.

Yes! It’s easy. Simply click on your name in the upper right corner and from the drop down menu select “My Profile.” From there, you can edit your profile and save the information.

Crowdsourced Offers are information collected from our community of families. When students are accepted by a college, families share offer information with Road2College in our Compare College Offers tool. This database of shared college offers is unique to Road2College. During the admissions process, you can view offers for colleges in real time. These offers are submitted anonymously by the community, shared and are viewable in College Insights premium. This data provides our paid subscribers a unique advantage at getting to view data that is usually not available to the public from colleges and universities. By empowering our community to share that data anonymously, we are giving a unique advantage not found anywhere else.

Yes! Simply select the notepad button and add your notes. You may add as many notes as you like from anywhere.

Absolutely. From My Lists select the button and any notes you leave are saved (requires a paid subscription)

Yes! Simply go to as you would from a computer browser and you will see we are optimized for mobile devices.

Merit aid is found in the Aid/Merit Scholarships menu in the College profile section (note this is a premium feature).

Update your profile. You can do this by tapping in the upper right corner of the page and selecting “Your Profile” from the drop down menu. We provide all personalized recommendations based on the data you provide. The more data you provide, the better the recommendations!

If you are a paid member, simply go to “Your Profile” and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select cancel. Please note if you are a monthly subscriber, you must cancel before the 30th day otherwise you will be automatically billed.

For annual subscribers, it is a one time payment and does not auto renew.