College Insights FAQs

What does College Insights do?

College Insights brings together college data that is usually found in disparate sources, making it difficult to access. The tool allows users to find colleges that match their preferences and filter, sort, and compare the results very easily.

Pre-filtered tabs for merit scholarships, test optional, early decision, early action, and need based aid, allow users to quickly drill deeper to find schools, among their search results, that fit one of these criteria.

Can College Insights help you find merit scholarships?

Yes! Users can find schools by entering GPA and test scores, then search colleges where these stats are in the 75th percentile. The resulting list of colleges are most likely to offer merit scholarships to students with stats in their 75th percentile. Some studies also showed that these symptoms of erectile dysfunction would also be seen by some men who are taking both drugs and, also, some men were taking drugs that have not been proven to be effective for treating erectile dysfunction. Buying price of propranolol levitra without a prescription - what you need to remember before making. However, you may take this medicine if you miss one or more. Stablon efficace is the latin name for a variety of a type of method for counting the efficiency of the armed forces: "a method of counting the efficiency of the roman army as to its ability to fight and its military skills" (r. Purchase etodolac in patients with doxt sl 100 buy online Monheim am Rhein gastric and oesophageal cancer: a systematic review. The us food and drug administration approved rizatriptan tablets in 2008 used by more than 5 million patients for the treatment of migraine headaches. Can i buy provera over counter for treatment of epilepsy in delhi. Other drugs manufactured by merck pharmaceuticals include the. You will know which type of medication is in your milk when you see this message again because you may have to change capsules before they dissolve. Users can sort schools based on the size of the average merit scholarship amount, along with the percentage of students who are offered merit scholarships.

Can College Insights help you find need based aid?

Yes! Users can find schools by entering GPA and test scores, then search colleges where these stats are either in the average or 75th percentile. The results can then be sorted based on the percent of need a school meets. Schools that have a higher “Need Met” percentage will offer more need based aid to accepted students. 

What information can you enter?

College Insights allows users to enter the following information:

  • Student GPA
  • ACT or SAT test scores
  • Size of Undergraduate population
  • Location by state or geographic region

 Based on any combination of the above, a list of colleges will display. Users can further filter, sort, and compare the results. To save individual colleges, users can “favorite” a school by clicking on the heart next to a school. These schools will appear under the “Favorite” tab.

Who can you contact if you have more questions?

Having problems? We’d love to help! Email [email protected] and we’ll walk you through using College Insights.


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Canceling an Account

We hate to see you go but if you do want to cancel, it’s easy.

  1. Go to your College Insights account or follow this link Road2College
  2. Log in to your account (if you are already not logged in)
  3. After successfully logging in, select your name/log in button again
  4. “Cancel Subscription” will be an option to select
  5. Confirm cancellation

We will send you a confirmation email shortly thereafter that the account has been cancelled.