How a Financial Aid Award Letter Can Fool You

So many people I encounter believe that having multiple kids in college at the same time will lower their EFC. And in turn, a low EFC will be a "benefit." I've got four kids studying at the same time. One would think I was golden. Hooray!!! But, as the old ... Read More

6 Ways Going To College In Europe Saves You Money

Chances are you are tired of hearing just how expensive college has gotten. Seemingly every week there is another story on the news about just how much money is being spent on tuition, room, board, books, and those dreaded student loans. However, by going to college in Europe, you can ... Read More

Why High School Students Should Look For Internships

Getting work experience is important for whatever you do in life, but starting young is even better.  In 2014, 77% of high school students were either extremely or very interested in volunteering to gain work experience. While a majority of students are interested in internships, it can still be a ... Read More


Mold In College Dorms: What You Need to Know

Here’s a new item of concern for parents planning college visits with their high school students: Check for mold and past mold outbreaks in college dorms.   The Impact of Mold in College Dorms Yes, mold. As in fungi. Spores of fungus of various ugly colors that settle in dim, ... Read More