Why Quality of Life in College Impacts Life After College

As founder of Road2College, much of my work centers on helping parents navigate two real concerns--how to get their students into college, and how to pay for it.  Still, when I consider the important question of whether college is worth it, I know the answer can’t be calculated simply on ... Read More

R2C Community Story: Mom Says Daughter’s Average SAT Score Wasn’t Measure of Future Success

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Who Benefits the Most From Early Decision and Why You Need to Know

If a student has their heart set on one highly competitive college in particular, they may want to consider applying for Early Decision. Early Decision (ED) is, in short, an application opportunity and a binding contract that provides an expedited admissions decision in exchange for a student’s commitment to attend ... Read More


Beating the Sophomore Slump: A Guide to Getting Through the Second Year of College

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