Rice University Merit Scholarships

Finding individual college merit scholarship information can take a lot of time. Instead, we’ve gathered the statistics you need to know about Rice University's merit ... Read More


Majors That Make the Most Money

The point at which a high schooler seriously starts thinking about college is a monumental moment and with it comes many daunting decisions.  Students decide where to go, whether or not to take a gap year, what to major in, etc.  Figuring out what to major in comes with its ... Read More

How College Deans Are Communicating With Students

Deans are more than just university administrators who oversee the daily operations of a school; they are also the face of the institution and in charge of maintaining its demeanor. A great dean should not only be held accountable for the school’s infrastructure and decisions, but also the communication with ... Read More

What Is a College Deferral?

No one likes to be kept waiting, especially if you're waiting to hear from a college. At  the point when you finally DO hear, and the word is "deferred," well, that really sucks! Unfortunately, even for many of the most talented students, the news from admissions officers may be one ... Read More


How to Beat the Pressure and Depression of Attending School Virtually

This is the First Post in our New Series: Ask the Experts Welcome to our new series where we’ll periodically reach out to mental health professionals, high school counselors, college financial advisors, college admissions experts, and career specialists to answer your most pressing (and anonymous) questions. To submit a question ... Read More

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