Road2College Membership Options

Find the Right College at the Right Price



Start exploring colleges with our R2C Insights tool
  • You get...
  • Trial use of R2C Insights, our college comparison tool and list builder
  • An invitation to our 200K+ member private Facebook group


Get college recommendations and build your list
  • You get...
  • Unlimited use of the R2C Insights tool
  • Access to real college offers crowdsourced from families
  • Our monthly membership newsletter, The Journey


Add R2C Video Library and expert-led community
  • You get...
  • Essential member features, plus...
  • Access to our video library on college prep topics
  • Membership in our live, expert-led community
  • 10% off one-on-one services
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Add live Zoom sessions and strategy workbook
  • You get...
  • Plus plan features, and...
  • 3-4 group coaching classes monthly via Zoom with experts & guests
  • A workbook to guide you on admissions and paying for college
  • An additional 10% off one-on-one services (20% off total)

Pick the Plan That’s Right for You

The Essential Plan

You’re a DIYer who wants to work through the admissions process on your own, but values the information at your fingertips.

The Plus Plan

You’re a DIYer who sometimes feels like you’re in over your head, but needs more instruction.

The Premium Plan

You’re a DIYer at heart, but want to learn from a professional and have resources to reach out to. 
What Our Members Have to Say


Which membership level is right for your family?

Essential: You want admissions information at your fingertips. As an Essential Plan member you can:
Find college recommendations created just for your student.
Use filters to search schools by price, merit scholarships, deadlines and more. The goal is to make decisions that save money without compromising on quality education.
Sort by admit rates, GPA, test scores and more to find the school that’s the best fit academically.
Get access to real college offers crowdsourced from families so you can negotiate more aid.

Plus: You want admissions information to make informed decisions, as well as access to video instruction with experts in finance, essays, applications, counseling and more. As a Plus Plan member you can:
Access all our Essential Plan features.
Watch our extensive library of counseling session videos anytime, updated monthly.
Gain entry to our small, private counseling Facebook group where your questions are answered and welcomed.
Get 10% off our expert 1-on-1 services as your needs unfold.

Premium: You want support and guidance on every step of the road to college including: easy-to-find admissions information, access to video instruction, live sessions with experts, office hours, worksheets, and more. As a Premium Plan member you can:
Access all our Plus Plan features.
Attend live strategic counseling sessions (3-4 monthly) w/experts & guests including office hours and masterclasses on how to pay for college.
Get an additional 10% off (total of 20% off) 1-on-1 services.
Receive worksheets, loan calculator, aid appeal, sample letters, list of full ride scholarships, college affordability scorecard, and more!

How often does live coaching occur?

We host 3-4 live sessions for Premium members monthly. A video of each session is available the next day. Plus members can access new sessions at the end of each month.

Who are our experts?

Our network of college counselors and financial planners have experience working in high schools with students, as well as privately with families. Their backgrounds are in financial aid, application strategy, essay writing, merit scholarships, test-prep planning, high school course selection, summer advising, application review, student loan advising, and more.

What's in the library of recordings?

Our library includes all of the live classes we’ve held over the past two years, including special guests. If you’ve missed sessions or want to get ahead, all recordings are available on-demand.

What services are discounted for members?

Plus and Premium members will receive discounts on our add-on services.

Some of our add-on services include:

  • College List Strategy Session
  • Common App Coaching
  • CSS Profile Review
  • Financial Aid Appeal Letter Review
  • 1:1 Coaching Appointments

How does Road2College bill for membership?

Monthly Membership: If you paid for a monthly membership, you’ll be billed each month on the date that you first subscribed. If you cancel your membership, you’ll still have access to all benefits through the end of the billing period.


Pre-paid Multiple Months: If you pre-paid in full for multiple months, your membership will continue through the end of the month that you paid for. Once you have used all months included in your pre-paid membership, you’ll automatically be billed the monthly rate unless you cancel.

How can you upgrade your membership?

To upgrade, contact us at We’ll take care of it.