About Us

Road2College is dedicated to helping parents and high-school students navigate the ever-changing world of college admissions and financing. We’re a trusted source and the first step on the road to college, right through to financial independence. 

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At Road2College, we strive to keep families informed, empowered, and connected. Our unique, community-focused platform provides families with everything they need on their journey, including: in-depth articles read by over 150,000 visitors monthly; a newsletter delivered to over 50,000 subscribers; Facebook Live broadcasts viewed by thousands of families and featuring experts across the education and finance landscape; entry to our 80,000-member Paying for College 101 Facebook Group; membership-based college admissions coaching; and access to our exciting new online resource: College Insights, a practical and time-saving search and comparison tool for finding colleges and merit scholarships.






Debbie Schwartz (Founder)

I’ve been a parent through the college admissions process twice, and have one more time to look forward to (ha!). 

Debbie Schwartz Founder Road2College

As a marketing executive in financial services, I spent many years working to educate consumers on how to manage different stages of their financial life. I learned to communicate complex financial products in consumer friendly language and create products to provide investors with better information. 

After working with a national lender in the student loan space, I realized what an overwhelming, complicated process college planning and financing had become.

Out of a desire to help families through the confusing and expensive journey of figuring out where their students will go to college and paying for it, Road2College was born, but with a mission of providing families with the information they need to become savvy college consumers.

We offer content, tools, and services to help families from the beginning of the college search process all the way to young adult financial independence.

In addition to founding Road2College, I am a mother of 3, an avid tennis player, a lover (and cook) of healthy foods, and a long time volunteer in my children’s schools and breast cancer related organizations.

For more information, check out my LinkedIn profile.