About Road2College

Road2College is dedicated to helping families navigate the ever-changing world of college admissions and financing.

Our community, tools, and services can help you find colleges that you can afford, and where your child will not only be happy, but graduate in four years with strong job prospects. 

The Road2College platform includes:


A Note from Debbie Schwartz

A Note from
Debbie Schwartz

Founder, Road2College

I’m a parent who’s been through the college admissions process three times.

As a marketing executive in financial services, I spent many years working to educate consumers on how to manage different stages of their financial life. I learned to communicate complex financial products in consumer-friendly language and create products to provide investors with better information. 

After working with a national lender in the student loan space, I realized what an overwhelming, complicated process college planning and financing had become.

Out of a desire to help families through the confusing and expensive journey of figuring out where their students will go to college, and paying for it, Road2College was born. Our goal is to help families become savvy college consumers.

We offer content, tools, and services to help families from the beginning of the college search process all the way to young adult financial independence.

In addition to founding Road2College, I am a mother of three, an avid tennis player, a lover (and cook) of healthy foods, and a long-time volunteer at my children’s schools and breast cancer-related organizations.

Visit my LinkedIn profile to find out more about me.