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“The College List Drives Everything!”

Your student’s college list is the most important part in determining your student’s college admission success.

The college list determines your student’s potential to get admitted (admissibility), the workload required from your student when it comes to essays and applications, as well as your family’s ability to afford the colleges your student is accepted at.

Have you done the research, checked the data, asked the “right” questions?

Do you know how to decide which school will be the best social, academic and financial fit for your student and your family?

This service will provide your family with feedback on the following:

  • Potential for merit money
  • Eligibility for Honors programs
  • Strength of the school for your student’s desired major
  • Use of Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling or Regular Admissions to achieve your student’s best outcome
  • And more

Choose from one of two options:

College List Review – Written & Video Feedback

Your student submits their current college list (up to 10 schools) using our personalized form and will receive written feedback on each college (one-by-one), as well as a short video providing insight, recommendations and suggestions for improvement of the list regarding your college admissions and financial aid objectives.

Advanced College List Review – One on One Virtual Consultation

Once your student submits their current college list (up to 10 schools) using our personalized form, we’ll schedule a 30 minute, one-on-one Zoom call to review each school on your college list. On this Zoom call we will provide specific feedback, recommendations for additional colleges to consider, and answer your specific questions to make sure your list is realistic and accurate given your family’s admissions and financial aid objectives.

In addition, you can send one follow up email with up to 3 additional questions related to this same list review. You will receive a short video answering your questions and providing additional advice and support.


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Submit a list of your student’s college choices they are considering to apply to, along with any specific questions and issues you have.

Russ Vitale, our College Concierge, will review your information and schedule time with you (and your student) to discuss his recommendations and provide personal guidance to help your family make a smart college decision. 

Russ VitaleRuss has over 15 years of experience and has helped hundreds of students and their families successfully navigate the path to their top choice college(s).

Russ works with students all over the country (and abroad) to help them make progress through their college process. His many years experience in this competitive and complicated field helps families make solid decisions, explore all of their options, and be efficient with the time, effort and money invested in their process. He’s also a parent going through the process with his own high school junior daughter.

No matter where you are in your college-planning progression or what your college dreams may be, Russ will help keep you arrive at your final college destination successfully!

Service Policies:

We’ll do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied, but once a service is started, there are no refunds.
Your Zoom time will be reserved on our college coach’s calendar. Please note, cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your appointment time. If your student does not attend at the scheduled time, there will be a $75 fee to reschedule.

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30 Minutes

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