Road2College Varsity Concierge Service 2022

Our Road2College Varsity Concierge Services give you access to experts, community, tools and resources you won’t find on your own. Working together, you’ll be able to make smarter college decisions.

$79.99 / month


The Road2College Concierge Varsity Service provides parents of high school juniors access to trustworthy expert advice, community, tools, and resources to help you and your family during the most critical time of the process. 

You will get customized guidance and support that will help you make smarter college decisions regarding every aspect of the college admissions and application process!

Our Concierge Service is a collaborative approach to helping families work through the college admissions and funding process.

Our goal is to teach parents everything they need to know about admissions and paying for college so they can guide their own family in making smarter college decisions.

Experts, parents, and students work together to a final result of having a college that fits the student’s academic and social needs, along with being mindful of a family’s financial situation.


What is the Road2College Concierge Service?

  • Engaging, Interactive and Comprehensive  Coaching Sessions

Once-a-month live video coaching sessions will be offered to provide insider advice by a seasoned college admissions professional(s) Families will learn everything they need to know about college admissions including financial aid, searching for merit scholarships, testing strategies, academics, essays, college-list building, and more. In addition to live access and interaction, each session will be recorded for access any time throughout your membership.

  • Office Hours

Monthly office hours allow members the opportunity to ask personal questions,  follow-up questions on the training sessions, touch base with others going through the process. This insightful feedback and guidance will ensure you are on the right track and that you are exploring all the options available to your family so you know you are being efficient and effective as you go through the process.. 

  • Direct Email Access To Industry Experts

Members enjoy individualized access to Concierge Service experts with an allotted number of monthly emails to use for personal Q&As. 

  • Supportive Community

You will become part of a Private Facebook group of like-minded families where personal experiences and questions about college admissions will be shared. This community sharing environment will enable you to stay informed, will give you support from others going through the same process, and exposes you to questions and unexpected challenges you may not have been aware of.

  • Well-Timed Guidance & Reminders 

Our monthly newsletter is filled with guidance, tips and reminders on calendar-driven topics and critical milestonesto keep families on track in the admissions and application process.

  • Special Offers*

Though the service is very comprehensive and thorough there may be times where you feel you would benefit from additional, personal support.

If and when this applies you can access professional, customized advice and guidance at discounted rates. Exclusive offers, discounts on essay reviews, mock interviews, college list feedback and polishing, academic guidance, standardized testing advice, proprietary tools and one-on-one consultations are all available at rates that are available only to members of the Concierge Varsity Service.

(These offers are available but should not be necessary for most members.They are offered only as options for those who feel that additional guidance and access to experts would enhance their college admissions process.)

*The Road2College Varsity Concierge Service is a month to month subscription service. Service begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. Your subscription will continue until you cancel. You’ll be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase, every month for the duration of the subscription. Cancellations can be made through “Your Account” link under the “Concierge Services” menu on our website.


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