The Takeaway: Wk of 4/6

The Takeaway: Wk of 4/6

Here’s a summary of important articles from the past week that may give you more insight into the world of college life, admissions, financing, and parenting.


Our Push for ‘Passion,’ and Why It Harms Kids
The R2C Takeaway: In the frenzy of college admissions and in the hopes of differentiating themselves, students are being pushed to develop or identify passions. But how do we know, as parents, if we are pushing our kids too much past the point of just exposing them to different sports and hobbies, in the hopes that one may turn into a passion. In contrast, a former admissions officer explains what colleges really mean when they are looking for “passion.”


A New College Loan Targets Parents
The R2C Takeaway: In order to borrow money for college, most parents opt for a federal Plus loan, till this point, the educational loan that is available to parents. Recently, Citizens Financial Group launched a new college loan, specifically for parents. Unlike federal loans, this new parent loan will not charge origination fees. 


Are Kids’ Sports An Investment For College?
The R2C Takeaway: Among other things, kids who are involved in sports learn about teamwork, discipline, work ethic, and how to be a good loser. But keep in mind that only “2% of high school athletes are awarded sports scholarships at NCAA schools,” so spend money on your kids’ sports for all the other good reasons, while making sure a larger portion of your money is going into their college funds.


For Students on the Waitlist – What to do and what are your chances of getting off?
The R2C Takeaway: The result of being put on a waitlist is usually disappointment and frustration, and unfortunately, the chances of getting off are very slim. According to Parke Muth, a former admissions officer from UVA, only a handful of students get accepted off the waitlist at select schools. If you don’t believe him, look at the numbers for 2014 by doing a Google search with the name of the school the phrase “wait list” and the year 2014. I might be best to consider your options like taking a gap year or accepting admission to a school that’s already accepted you as an insurance policy. And, look at the big picture–sometimes things happen for a reason.


What Happens When Colleges Fail to Prepare Graduates For Jobs?
The R2C Takeaway: Way back when, “Employers did a lot more on-the-job training, and college seniors were much more prepared for the job market than they are now.” For that reason, many post-graduate “Boot Camp” programs are springing up to teach students practical business skills not often practiced in college, designed within the parameters of a real business environment.


The Case For Taking Parental Leave When Your Kids Are Teenagers
The R2C Takeaway: Researchers have found that the more engaged time mothers spent with their teenagers, the less likely those teenagers were to engage in delinquent acts,” thus bringing up the question of whether it is more prudent to take “maternity” leave or “teenager” leave.


“Lighthouse Parenting” May Be the Best Way to Raise Strong Children
The R2C Takeaway: If Helicopter Parenting is done from above, and Elephant Parenting is done from all angles, Lighthouse Parenting can be described as being done from a “stable shoreline”…as you watch your teens navigate stormy waters. This method of parenting, which has been deemed as the most rational, sets expectations on character, and strives to maintain a balance between protection and guidance, thus helping to create strong adults.




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