Build Your Perfect College List


“The College List Drives Everything!”

It sounds obvious but it’s true. That’s why we created the Build Your Perfect College List program.

Building your perfect college list is the most important part of the college journey.

Your student’s list should include colleges with the academic, social and financial characteristics to best ensure their success in college.

This program consists of 5 comprehensive, easy to follow modules, with videos, worksheets, and resources that give step-by-step guidance for how to create your student’s college list.  A sample of the program itinerary is below.

The road to college starts now!

Avoid the costly mistakes many families make and start on your student’s journey to achieve their college admissions, financial aid and academic goals.

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You’ll be led through this program by Russ Vitale. Russ is a college admissions counselor, motivational public speaker, and best-selling author of College: Making the Complicated Easy. With over 15 years of experience, Russ has helped hundreds of students and their families successfully navigate the path to their top choice college(s). He’s also a parent who is now going through this very process with his own daughter.

During the 5 modules Russ will review the following topics and more:

  • Financial Fit Factors:
    • How much can you afford to pay for college?
    • Calculate your EFC
    • Check out Net Price Calculators
    • Learn the language of financial aid
  • Academic Fit Factors:
    • Help your student research potential college majors
    • How to use a school’s website to research a college
    • Does a student’s major influence the admissions decision?
    • How important are ratings and rankings?
    • What academic environment does your student perfect best in?
  • Data To Research and Use To Compare Colleges
    • What to include in your college data spreadsheet?
    • Where to find the data and what it means?
    • How to find colleges most likely to offer merit scholarships?
    • How can I find out if a school is affordable before applying?
  • Non-Academic or Financial Fit Factors:
    • How far away should your student go to college?
    • Is Greek life important?
    • How to research clubs, activities and sports?
    • Questions to ask career services.