CSS Profile Review


Have you started your student’s CSS Profile but you’re not 100% sure you’re doing it correctly… or just have no idea what you are doing?

A simple mistake can potentially cost you aid.

We want to make sure you get it done correctly the first time.


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The  CSS/Financial Aid Profile is primarily designed to give certain colleges (only some colleges require this form) a closer look into the finances of your family …and is much more detailed than the FAFSA.

After submitting your information you will receive a written review along with a video recording with feedback on your CSS Profile explaining any issues found and recommendations for further assistance, if needed.

We have partnered with Luanne Lee, a Certified College Planning Specialist. For the past 10+ years Luanne has devoted her financial services practice to providing financial education and efficient solutions to families.


Once your information is submitted to us, no refunds can be offered.