If you’re a family that won’t qualify for need based aid, but you don’t have enough in savings to cover tuition, then finding colleges that can offer your student merit scholarships is the key to lowering your college costs.


Merit scholarships are awarded based on a student’s individual accomplishments, including academic, artistic, and athletic, rather than on a family’s financial need.


If you are not eligible for need-based aid, knowing how to qualify for and locate merit scholarships can help fill the gap between your family’s contribution and the full cost of attendance.


With current college search sites, it’s not easy to uncover colleges where your student is likely to receive merit scholarships. Our Toolkit helps you…..



  • Find colleges where your student’s academic profile is in the top 25th percentile of students accepted.


  • Know the generosity of your student’s preferred colleges BEFORE your student applies.


  • Discover a brand-new resource to search over 11,000 published merit scholarships to find colleges offering full ride, full tuition, automatic, competitive, and talent based merit scholarships.







Our toolkit shows you how to uncover the colleges most likely to provide generous merit aid to your student. In addition, you’ll get answers to…



What is the Common Data Set and how can it help?


What are full-ride and full-tuition scholarships?


Do only high-achieving students receive merit aid?


How can I find colleges more likely to offer my student merit scholarships?




Get instant access to college scholarships!

Search all merit scholarships offered directly by colleges across the U.S. in one place rather than having to go to each college’s website.


Get details on the scholarship requirements like minimum GPA, minimum ACT/SAT score and scholarship award amount.


Search for automatic scholarships, competitive scholarships, scholarships for special talents (music, art, and dance), scholarships for National Merit Students, valedictorians, and more.




A very special bonus!

Receive our College Data Spreadsheet to help you research colleges armed with the most solid, relevant data you will need to determine where your student should apply to get the most money.


We’ve done the work to pull together all of the essential data from IPEDS (Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System),  the official government source, and publicly available Common Data Sets. All this information in a format that you can filter, sort, and compare over 1,500 colleges.


By using our College Data Spreadsheet you’ll be able to target the colleges where your student’s academic profile is in the top 25th percentile and the college’s financial aid giving history has been generous with merit scholarships.




Don’t waste your time using college search sites that don’t give you access to important information and make it difficult to compare colleges on important financial criteria.


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