The Takeaway Wk of 4/20

The Takeaway Wk of 4/20

Here’s a summary of important articles from the past week that may give you more insight into the world of college life, admissions, financing, and parenting.


Why I’m Not Worried About My Late Blooming Teen
The R2C Takeaway: Wouldn’t it be nice if more parents thought like this mother….she’s happy with her 17 year old son, even if he hasn’t given college much thought yet. She thinks he’s a great kid, even if he isn’t doing much as compared to offspring of her Facebook friends. 


Moving out of collegePreparing For Moving Out
The R2C Takeaway: Sometimes moving a student out of their college space is just as complex as moving them in. Organization is the key, and figuring out whether they’re bringing their belongings home, storing them in a storage unit, or putting them elsewhere makes the transfer all the more simpler.



Do Grades Matter? Depends If You’re Asking Google or Goldman Sachs
The R2C Takeaway: While both Google and Goldman Sachs are companies that seemingly hire top-flight applicants, their hiring practices differ dramatically. Data compiled by Goldman Sachs (and many other companies) proves that GPA is an important factor in how an employee will perform. Data compiled by Google shows that GPA will carry you only so far, thus they do not solely rely on that criteria when hiring.


How the Rich Get Into Ivies: Behind the Scenes at Elite Admissions
The R2C Takeaway: It’s no secret that being rich can get you many things those who don’t have deep pockets cannot. And when it comes to getting your children, regardless of their grades, into the school of their choice, a major donation here and a major donation there prove it’s not what you know or who you know, but how much you have and how much you’re willing to give away. Thousands of leaked emails from Sony Pictures’ higher ups further substantiate that adage.


When to Pay For Education-Related Financial Help
The R2C Takeaway: The industry of helping families with financial advice related to education is booming. If you are thinking about hiring a company to help you with “FAFSA and Financial Aid, finding scholarships, financial planning for college, and help with your student loans after graduation,” you should first consider whether you can really afford it and whether you can get the same service (with a little investigating and leg work) for free.


Why We Need the Liberal Arts More Than Ever in Today’s Digital World
The R2C Takeaway: In his new book, CNN Fareed Zakaria defends the value of a liberal arts education, as it fosters students with skills in creativity, “social, political, and psychological insight.” All of these skills, in addition to STEM, are the tools necessary to anchor us within today’s technological world, and to give them short shrift is wrong.







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