Comparison of Early Decision/Early Action Rates vs. Regular Decision

There’s a belief among students and families that the odds of being accepted to a college choice are better if they apply early decision or action. Now there’s data to back this up.

ED vs. RD

Independent college counselors Jennie Kent and Jeff Levy recently released a compilation of data called: Early Decision vs Regular Decision Acceptance Rates Chart. Most of the data readily available to admission professionals, families, and students simply states the overall acceptance rate and the Early Decision acceptance rate leaving to the imagination what the Regular Decision rates are. This download digs deeper and includes five main metrics: Early Decision acceptance rate, percent of class filled from Early Decision, Regular Decision acceptance rate, percent of class filled from Regular Decision, and the ratio of ED to RD acceptance rates. It is organized alphabetically by college and to the best of their knowledge—having cross-checked the 2015-16 Common App Requirements Grid with several other databases, professional lists, and college websites—includes all institutions that offer an Early Decision admission plan.

Receive our report comparing early decision/early action acceptance rates vs. regular decision rates.

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Download “Comparison of Early Decision/Action vs Regular Decision Data” ED-vs.-RD-Acceptance-Rates.pdf – Downloaded 913 times – 77 KB

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