Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Dorm Living

Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Dorm Living

College is an exciting time for young adults, especially those looking forward to having a space all their own. Many dorms, however, don’t provide much in the way of style or storage, so it’s up to the occupant to dress it up how they like. Luckily, creating a tasteful, organized dorm room can be simple (and inexpensive!) with a little forethought and planning. Keep reading and get inspired to turn that blank slate into a comfortable, functional living space.

Lofted Living

Lofted Bed

Maximize space in your dorm room by lofting your bed above your workstation. This setup gives you tons of extra space, especially when you’re working with a low square footage. Most colleges provide lofting kits for their residents, but if you’re required to supply your own furniture, a loft bed is worth the investment. If you’re sharing your dorm with a roommate, you may even consider bunking your beds instead. You’ll have so much more room for activities (Step Brothers, anyone?)!

Clutter-Free Closet

Organized Closet
Dorm room closets are notoriously cramped, so make the most of that small space with a few storage hacks. Add a tension rod below the main rack to hang a second row of clothing; or just use a few space saving hangers to keep your wardrobe organized and compact. If your dorm hall provides a set of dressers, you might consider moving one into your closet to keep clothes and other objects tucked away while sparing some floor area. Make the most of stacking space by placing storage containers on any shelves the closet may have. Each college has its own dorm style boasting various built-ins and features, so evaluate your storage options and organize accordingly.

Space-Saving Shelves

Door Storage

When you run out of floor space, the only place to go is up – and that’s exactly what you can do with a bit of strategically placed shelving! Keep those textbooks and other essentials in order (and off the floor) with a tall bookshelf. Stock up on bargain containers to separate and organize your belongings while keeping it stylish. The shelf won’t take up much room on the floor and will fill up commonly overlooked vertical space, so it’s a win-win!

Banish Bathroom Blues

Bathroom Blues

Let’s get real for a moment: dorm bathrooms aren’t anyone’s favorite topic for a number of reasons. They’re small, boring and usually lacking in storage and beauty — have you ever heard anyone say, “wow, what a beautiful bathroom this dorm has?” We didn’t think so. Perk them up with bright colors and add a healthy dose of organization to keep your things contained and clean. Cute stackable cubbies allow you to take advantage of the space you do have and keeps you and your roommate’s stuff separate. Baskets, shower caddies and extra shelving are a dorm bathroom’s best friend!

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