Mom Offers “Public Service Announcement” to Stressed Out College Admissions Parents

Mom Offers “Public Service Announcement” to Stressed Out College Admissions Parents

This story was first published in our Paying for College 101 Facebook community. It’s been edited for clarity and flow.

This is my public service announcement for all the parents stressing along with their kids about Early Decision, Early Action, deferrals, and all the rest.

It’s a tough blow when your child isn’t accepted where they think they want to be. There will be ups and downs in the admissions process.

With that in mind, know that your son or daughter will find their place in the world and it will feel like it was always meant to be.


Just like you struggled with picking a baby name before you met your tiny person, struggling to pick a college seems like a monumental decision — which one is right?!?

The answer (at the risk of sounding too new agey) will find you and your family.

My son submitted dozens of applications last year to some tough schools and there were high highs, low lows, and a few “what in the actual Hell?” moments, like the school that waitlisted him in the early round and then ultimately gave him a full-tuition scholarship. Really?!?

Now, he’s in a place where, after just one semester, feels like home to him. It wasn’t on the radar a year or two ago, but it’s HIS school now, and it’s a perfect fit for him. He’s thriving, challenged, and content.

The family has jumped on the bandwagon too. We have the car stickers, sweatshirts, season tickets, and dog bandanas to prove that Mom & Dad now bleed university colors.

Know that when you get to the end of this finish line, where your child is standing will become THEIR right place


Sending thoughts of happy holidays and a peaceful New Year to all!


Parents Weigh In On the Stress

What did the members of our Paying For College 101 group have to say in response to this parent’s pep talk?

 I LOVE THIS POST! Thank you so much I needed it after a very tough week – Adriana C.


It’s harder than you think it’s going to be…for parents too. (I kept feeling like I wanted to cry this week while at work…and I thought I had tried sooo hard not to count on an acceptance!)  – Susan C


What’s wrong with sounding new-agey???
I think you’re onto something.
New Age College Admissions: No need to call. We’ll sense it when we’re needed. – Beth Z.


This is what I’m worried about. DS has a few acceptances and now…it’s not so clear which one to choose. Lucky position to be in, I know. But the stress is now just shifting. – Susan J.


Last night we had a “Pity” party!! First deferment. Toasted it at dinner, ate ice cream for dessert, and discussed all the other great options. Just a bump in the road of life. – Kath C.


This! And I love the part about the stickers and sweatshirts, that is what we are doing too. I will also add that parents shouldn’t feel that their kids need to apply to tons of schools, it’s okay to be an average kid, attend a local or state college, or even community college and have it be a really exciting time for them. – Sarah V.


Completely agree with you. My daughter was in a the same situation and I can’t believe how things worked out for her. First semester in college and it really is a perfect fit for her. Glad your son found his perfect fit too. – Nancy P.


Advice From Us

What do we have to say about this?

Be smart about your choices. Do your research. Check the NPC of every school your child is interested in, and remember that eventually, everyone finds their way.

Nothing is guaranteed, but if your student is trying to figure out which schools will be more generous with their merit money, check out our College Insights tool.

Next year at this time, YOU will be the parent who is advising the newbies to not stress too much.






Jennifer Sebor

Jennifer Sebor is a former litigation attorney turned writer, passionate cancer research advocate, and fourteen-year brain tumor survivor. She’s mom to a college freshman son and one extremely spoiled dog named Ziggy.