How to Find a Summer Job During the Pandemic

How to Find a Summer Job During the Pandemic


If you’re a college student or have a son or daughter who is, you’re likely wondering if there are still job opportunities available this summer.

From paid to unpaid, remote to local, we’ve rounded up some ideas to help.


Help With a Summer Job Search

Internships Paid/Unpaid

1. Zooniverse

Enjoy science, literature, space, animals?

From their website:“Zooniverse gives people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to participate in real research with over 50 active online citizen science projects.”

2. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Interested in art, history, education?

From their website: “Take on important assignments to expand access to the Smithsonian’s massive collections, and participate in a variety of research programs. Some roles require special knowledge or skill, but many do not.” 

3. Covintern

Both paid and unpaid internships in a variety of fields can be found here.

From their website: “COVINTERN connects employers with positions and programs to fill with students from top universities with available time and a desire to learn.”

4. UNVolunteers

Help change the world.

From their website: “Online volunteers, organizations and partners join the global push toward sustainable development.

Volunteers contribute directly to the work of development organizations, working from a computer, tablet or mobile phone anywhere in the world.”

5. Catchafire

Match your interests, schedule, and talent to an organization that needs help.

From their website: “Our mission is to drive positive world change through giving time and talent, catalyzing a ripple effect of good.” 

6. Translators Without Borders

Can you speak more than one language?

From their website: “Whether you are interested in translating medical texts or translating for crisis response, there are engaging projects available to suit all preferences…other volunteer roles such as project manager, graphic or web page designers and fundraising are also very valuable to us.”  

7. Amnesty Decoders

Help conduct research into violations of global human rights. From their website: “Amnesty Decoders is an innovative platform for volunteers around the world to use their computers or phones to help our researchers sift through pictures, information and documents.”

Paid Work/Links

Can you help to categorize social media, moderate content, draw boxes on images, etc.? Check out: Appen 

Are you good at customer service? Some of these positions are temporary and some part-time. Check here for listings:

Are you good at writing, copyediting, grammar, and/or proofreading? Check out: Gramlee and Contena, Upwork, and Wordvice

Do you speak more than one language? Try: LionBridge and Unbabel 

Looking for jobs just for college kids? Check out these listings: QuadJobs  

Can you transcribe audio and/or video files? Try: Scribie and Appen

Are you open to a variety of task-related work online such as testing apps, participating in surveys, searching and categorizing data, and more? Try: Clickworker, Survey Junkie, UserTesting, Streetbees, Ferpection, TestingTime, Swagbucks (to earn giftcards), and InboxDollars

Prefer to do a general search for remote student jobs? Try: ZipRecruiter

Are you really organized? Try these virtual assistant sites for gigs: My BTLR , VaVa Virtual Assistants, Upwork 

Are you knowledgeable enough to tutor? Try: Chegg  

General: Who Needs Help Right Now?

Groceries and pharmacies are looking for temporary employees to help stock, and with curbside pickup and delivery. Check your local stores, as well as third-party delivery services like DoorDash and Postmates

Local restaurants may need help picking up and dropping off orders.

Neighbors are looking for dog lovers to help them walk their dogs. They’re tired of it! 


The Bottom Line

There are jobs out there.

Encourage your child not to give up. Remember, it only takes one YES to get things rolling. 







Melissa T. Shultz

Melissa T. Shultz

Melissa T. Shultz is a writer, and the acquisitions editor for Jim Donovan Literary, an agency that represents book authors. She's written about health and parenting for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Reader's Digest, AARP’s The Girlfriend, AARP’s Disrupt Aging, Next Avenue, NBC’s and many other publications. Her memoir/self-help book From Mom to Me Again: How I Survived My First Empty-Nest Year and Reinvented the Rest of My Life was published by Sourcebooks in 2016.
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