Yes! Average Students Do Get College Acceptance Letters

Teenage girl exclaiming while looking at her cell phone

Yes! Average Students Do Get College Acceptance Letters

Published July 15, 2023

Teenage girl exclaiming while looking at her cell phone

Not everyone needs to be at the top of their class to receive a college acceptance. And while some students are considered “average” by teachers and educators, the term is far from an indicator of someone’s potential success in college and in life.

Case in point? A parent in our Paying for College 101 FB group shared her “average” son’s college acceptance story to help inspire your student! 

My Average Son’s College Acceptance Story 

Parent Julie S. said it’s been “wonderful” seeing her average son get accepted into college. She and her son first lined up schools that were a good match for him in multiple ways. They then narrowed it down to the ones they could afford. 

“Not wanting to crush my son’s heart, we only looked at schools that were realistic so he wouldn’t fall in love with one that we’d have to say no to,” she said. 

Her son picked Illinois State University to study finance, which was the first school to accept him. The school is in their price range, so he will graduate without debt, which is “such a relief.” 

“Even the average students will find their place,” Julie S. said. 

Parents Share Their “Average” Student Stories

Many parents agreed with this approach for average students getting accepted into college. 

“I applaud your mindfulness in guiding your son with this process,” said Megan L. “You made an informed decision based on facts.”

Others shared similar experiences. 

Parent Kathy W. said because her son is a B student, they’re not looking at “ultra competitive schools” or expensive ones. Denise S. said she is doing the same with her own student.

“I don’t think my son has any academic-reach schools on his list. As much as I would love for him to go for the stars, the truth is, the stars aren’t cheap,” said Amy T. 

Create the List, Set Expectations

Parents of students with average grades say it’s important to stay grounded about college acceptances.  Parent Heather J. called it “life lessons” that prepares students for the future. 

If parents and students create a list and set realistic expectations, then even the average student can find success. 

“Such a sane, stress-free, realistic approach to this process,” said Edie P. “By staying within your financial and academic limits, you eliminate the disappointment that inevitably comes from pursuing an unattainable dream.” 


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