2019 Financial Aid & Merit Scholarship Survey

2019 Financial Aid & Merit Scholarship Survey

Need Based and Merit Based Scholarship Survey 

Share Your Information To Help Your Family and Others



What if you had information about the financial aid and merit scholarship offers colleges gave other students?


Would it help you make a more informed decision about the financial aid and scholarship package your student was offered?


Would you be willing to share your student’s offer information to build a database of information to be shared with other families?


We hope so! By working together, families can create a rich set of data that will benefit themselves as well as future families with students applying to college.


At Road2College, we’re working to help families use data to make smarter college decisions. To help with this effort, we created an easy to use tool to help you both compare your financial aid offers and let you see what other families received at the schools you have offers for.






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