Class of 2022 Early Action and Early Decision Results

Early Decision Results Class ofIt’s that time of year when colleges release early admissions results. Based on the decisions, some students are thrilled and relieved, while others are disappointed and have a harder time dealing with their emotions.


In our Paying For College 101 Facebook group, we’ve had many good discussions about what these results mean and how to talk with children about handling their disappointments. Here are some of the more wiser pieces of advice….


“I’m by no means am I an expert in this area, as this is our first time going through the college application process, but I’m seeing so many posts of parents upset that their child didn’t get into ABC U or College XYZ. Why? We’ve told our daughter, starting years ago, that she shouldn’t set her heart on any one school, that Admissions is a crap shoot, and that she will do amazing wherever she goes! The other day she was nervous to log into one portal after she knew her decision letter was posted. I gave her a huge hug, told her she is amazing, and that any college that truly read her app and essays would recognize that, and that if they don’t, it’s not the college for her. I know this becomes super emotional, but I think our jobs as parents is to try to minimize the emotion involved. It is crazy how competitive this all is, but approaching it as a search for the best fit, rather than an eye on a single “prize” seems that it would be much healthier. Why use your time and energy trying to speculate why your child didn’t get in to a college? Doesn’t that just add more stress to life? If your child has applied to a good mix of safeties, targets and reaches, and you’ve done your homework about selecting good fits, aren’t you confident your child will get in somewhere and will do great? That’s what’s most important to us. We know we’ve raised an amazing kid, and that she’s going to continue to make us proud, regardless of where she goes. I hope we can all take a deep breath and focus on helping our kids to be emotionally healthy


“I agree with this but rejection hurts whether it’s not getting a job you want, getting friend zoned by the guy/girl you really like, being dumped, being fired, not being invited to the party, or not getting into a school you wanted it stinks. I know it’s easier when you understand why things happen. I’m sure each of the disappointed people will move on and their kids will end up in the right place they are just using this as a safe place to vent their frustration. Most of these kids have spent their entire high school career busting their butts to get where they want and if that gets ripped away it stings a bit.”


“We need to use these “rejections” (whether it’s a college or not making a sports team) to teach and build resilience; something that mental health professionals have said is lacking in more and more young people.”


“Dear Moms and Dads, please remember that there is no all or nothing when it comes to college choice. If not the 1st choice and you’ve tried everything…move on and allow your kids to feel okay that they did their best shot. Sometimes, you have to be okay with accepting the place that appreciates you the most. In the end it is much better to be in a place that is appreciative of you being there rather than your son or daughter being the lucky one to get in. Recognize the greatness within, and be in a place that celebrates that!!”


“My son was rejected at all the schools (ivies and super selective schools) he applied to except for his safety school which had around 30% acceptance rate. They offered him a generous scholarship but he was still disappointed, But then he had no choice but to go there, right? So off he went with a heavy heart. About maybe a month after school started, he told me that he felt like a brat for not appreciating his school. The realization came as a result of him learning that it was the number one choice of most of the other students he met there.”


It’s really hard for students and parents not to take a rejection or deferral personally, but you just have to remember that at the really selective schools, on some level, getting accpeted is a crap shoot. There are so many factors at play that you’re not aware of – how many others from your region applied, how many were legacies, what were the strengths of the other candidates, what are this year’s institutional needs of the college, etc. It’s really not a reflection of your daughter, it’s more a reflection of the number of so many qualified candidates that applied.”


[Early Admissions: Deferred But Not Deterred]


Please keep in mind all the comments above as you look over the numbers in chart below. If you’re interested in the rest of the schools, check back as we’ll be updating the chart as the numbers are released.


Class of 2022 Early Admissions Results

CollegeAppliedAdmitted2022 Rate2021 RateLink
Columbia (ED)4,08516%Link
Northwestern (ED)4,05829%Link
Trinity College (ED1)22556%Link
Williams (ED)25840%Link
MIT (EA)9,5576647%Link
Harvard (SCEA)6,63096415%15%Link
Princeton (SCEA)5,40279915%15%Link
Yale (SCEA)5,73384315%17%Link
Rice (ED)1,91237119%Link
UPenn (ED)7,0741,31219%23%Link
Brown (ED)3,50273821%22%Link
Duke (ED)4,09087521%24%Link
Notre Dame (REA)6,5981,63625%Link
Johns Hopkins (ED)2,03761030%31%Link
Dartmouth (ED)227065624.9%27.8%Link
Georgia (EA)15,0008,00053%Link


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